Sometimes complications during childbirth can give such consequences, after which life does n..." />
Alyena Teplova

Age: 7

Diagnosis: Сerebral palsy, mixed form (spasitko-hyperkinetic)


Sometimes complications during childbirth can give such consequences, after which life does not seem joyful. Alyona suffered from the very first minutes: there was hypoxia and a very long recovery. Now the baby is diagnosed with infantile cerebral palsy, which she dreams to win.

? Alyona Teplova. Age 7 years.
? Russia, D. Kudrovo.
? The main diagnosis: infantile cerebral palsy, mixed form (spasitko-hyperkinetic).

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Alyona was born at the age of 43 weeks, carried over, did not breathe, on the Apgar scale they set 1/4,5 points. There was an accumulation of myconium in the lungs, as a result of which the baby suffered hypoxia. Alyona was immediately transferred to the intensive care unit, 7 days of ventilation, then a month of the therapeutic department.

When the mom and the baby arrived home, it seemed to them that all troubles were over. Up to 5 months, Alyona developed as she grew, the ultrasound of the head did not show any deviations. Moreover, the mother took Alyona to various doctors, and they said that the girl was fine.

At 8 months, Alyona went to the children hospital No. 4 in St. Petersburg for a full examination. There was a threat of infantile cerebral palsy, but in general everything looked normal. So the mom and the daughter lived for another 4 months. And in a year on the next MRI, lesions in the subcortical departments were noticed. Alyona was diagnosed with infantile cerebral palsy, mixed form.

Alyona has been through a lot of rehabilitation during the entire treatment, has been in the children hospital No. 4 8 times, is being treated with medication. Doctors gave a recommendation to continue rehabilitation, and Alyona constantly visits the habilitation center "Rodnik". Qualified specialists work there, and Alyona has positive dynamics. The baby can already stand on all fours for several minutes, learns to stand on high knees. Alyona goes to classes with a speech therapist, and it helps her. Her words are already breaking through, she has begun to say "yes" and "no" clearly. And Alyona loves doing hippotherapy very much. Alyona loves horses and tries to sit on them.

"Unfortunately, there are not enough material resources for all classes, so we ask you to provide you with financial assistance in paying for the next course at LLC Rodnik.

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