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There are no strangers' children. We understood this back in 2012 when we started helping children as volunteers. The creation of the "Goodness & Humanity" charity fund was preceded by a long history of serving and helping sick children. Today, we exist to help children with serious illnesses, regardless of their place of residence, gender, and ethnic background. We provide families with financial, psychological, and legal support. Our work would be impossible without the hundreds and thousands of donors from around the world. Become a charity provider! Together, we will make this world a better place.

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The average check for medical services of our ward is 400,000 euros, and the average monthly income of his family is 1,300 euros. Only your donations give these children quality medical care.

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Goodness and Humanity Foundation provides legal support to families with sick children. Helps you get drugs that should be free by law.

Donation Reports
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