News of Vova Mustaev
Mom writes: “Good autumn evening everyone! Vova and I completed IMMUNOTHERAPY ahead of schedule!!! We have been recovering at home for a month already. The fourth course turned out to be very difficult, all the side effects of Dinutuximab showed themselves. My son had a high temperature for five day...
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Arina Chebotareva's News
Mom writes: "Hello. We are doing well. In February, we underwent an examination at the D. Rogachev c...
News about Zakhar Mozgov
Written by his mother: "On March 7, Zakhar underwent a bone marrow transplant from a donor - his fat...
Danil Gaziev News
Written by his mother: "So we've returned from rehabilitation. Let me remind you that we were at the...
News about Kostya Belyansky
His mother writes: "Today we went to the hospital. We had our blood taken, and since the test result...
News from Dima Semkin
Dima's mother writes: "Doctors continue to fight the postoperative consequences in Dima. As a result...
news Emmy Semeshovoy
Written by her mom: Recently, Emma had a CT scan of her head and chest at the ODKB in Yekaterinburg,...
News about Matvey Salangin
a:2:{s:4:"TEXT";s:521:"His mother writes: "Hello everyone ❤️ Here is a bit of our news. Matvey is ...
News about Vera Ivanova
Her mother writes: "14! Vera has already completed her 14th course of rehabilitation! I am writing a...
Polina Mitkina's News
a:2:{s:4:"TEXT";s:1578:"Mother writes: "Today we want to share some news about our tennis lessons. ...
News from Zhenya Kolesnichenko
Writes the mother: "Today we have the most wonderful news - we talked to Dr. Ilad, Zhenya's test res...
News about Zakhar Mozgov
Mom writes: "Another week of Zakhar's examinations before the upcoming haplo-transplantation has pas...
News of Kirochka Finagina
Mom reports: “At the moment, the introduction of the second course of Blincyto has been suspended, s...
Andrey Turov's news
Mom writes: “There is nothing good or bad in this world. There is only our attitude to something ”(W...
News of Zheni Kolesnichenko
Mom writes: “Good evening! Today we were in Makhon, all tests were excellent, according to their res...
News of Bogdan Shabutdinov
Mom writes: “Hello, dear friends! Bogdan is fine. The next December examinations at the Cancer Cente...
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