Artyom Ippolitov

Age: 12

Diagnosis: atypical autism

Purpose of collection: We started collecting money for rehabilitation at the Children's Neuropsychology Center in Novocherkassk

Artem's pregnancy was difficult, every month the expectant mother was hospitalized with a threat of miscarriage. The child's father was not ready for such twists of fate and said, "I don't need such a child" and left the family. Artem was born with anemia and grew up very restless and hyperactive. Development up to a year was timely, but from the age of 2, changes sharply began to occur, and fears appeared. It was impossible to go to a store, pharmacy, visit relatives, or anywhere except home. The boy began to exhibit strange behavior, rituals, seclusion, and introversion. Doctors identified mental disorders: atypical autism with underdeveloped cognitive functions to the level of mild mental retardation, with pronounced emotional and volitional disorders. Artem only attended a regular daycare for a year, where the other children did not accept him, and he did not make contact but isolated himself. Therefore, the boy has been under the care of a psychiatrist for three years, and since he was six, he has been observed by a traumatologist-orthopedist and neurologist. The usual daycare had to be changed to a correctional one, and then to a specialized boarding school. Because there was no one to help with Artem - his mother had to quit her job. Everything was fine, Artem really liked the new environment, but in January 2019, a relapse occurred. The child seemed to have been replaced: he went to school screaming, refused to study, and cried all the time. Frequent enuresis began, and it was necessary to urgently undergo examinations with various specialists, undergo ultrasound, and stay in the hospital. As a result, doctors added another pathology - neurogenic bladder. From January 2019 until the end of the school year, instead of school, Artem visited hospitals and was transferred to homeschooling. To this day, Artem is still being homeschooled. Periodically, the boy undergoes rehabilitation in centers in Rostov-on-Don and Taganrog. The lessons yield good results and a chance to approach the norm, but they are needed constantly, so all funds go to Artem's treatment. Doctors give positive forecasts, but we cannot stop the lessons. Artem has a unique memory, both auditory and visual. But motor skills are difficult, self-care skills are difficult to acquire, and not all speech is understood. Artem does not understand when he is addressed, writes weakly, knows all the letters, but reading does not come easily. The child is constantly on neuroleptic drugs, and every season the treatment has to be changed. Artem is a very sunny, cheerful, and friendly boy. But communicating with ordinary children is very difficult for him, as he does not join in games and cannot hold a dialogue. Even interest in toys is limited to wanting to disassemble them into parts, so most of the time he is alone, by himself. His mother writes: "I am now asking for help in paying for my son's rehabilitation at the children's neuropsychology center on Baklanovskiy St. 46 in the city of Novocherkassk. Mothers who take their children there speak very highly of the specialists, saying that the results of the rehabilitation are good. Please! Help my son, he really needs rehabilitation!"
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