Dima Semkin

Age: 5

Diagnosis: neuroblastoma, INSS stage III

Purpose of collection: сбор на лечение в клинике Шиба (Израиль)

Dima is five years old. He had a normal childhood, but when he was three years old, his mother found a lump protruding from his belly. At the local hospital, they immediately said there was a suspicion of oncology. After a month in Moscow, specialists diagnosed "neuroblastoma of the retroperitoneal space." They immediately removed the tumor and prescribed five courses of chemotherapy over half a year. The last course was given to Dima with difficulty. "The results of the tests were all clear. Assessing all the risks and studying the treatment statistics of the diagnosis with different protocols, and considering how Dima underwent the last chemotherapy, I made the decision to refuse further high-dose chemotherapy with TCM. I wrote this in writing." It seemed that the frightening was behind. Moreover, every three months Dima was examined in Moscow at the Blokhin Cancer Research Institute. All the tests were normal and Dima felt good. But in April 2022, the lymph nodes began to increase. An examination was conducted at the NIMT named after Rogachev in Moscow at his own expense. Several studies showed a relapse, and the Rogachev Clinic proposed a treatment. Knowing that there was no alternative treatment in Russia and problems with drug supplies, the mother made the decision to save her son in Israel. On June 5th, Dima was already there. To do this, they had to sell almost everything. These funds were enough to pay for 8 courses of chemotherapy and 5 courses of antigens. This was $380,000. There was an attempt to raise money for treatment through an Israeli fund, however it failed. On December 1st, Dima underwent an examination, as a result of which there was a positive dynamics and regression of the tumor. However, it is inoperable, so the decision was made to conduct another 3 courses of chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Then there will be another examination and a decision on further treatment. The preliminary amount of further treatment will be 300-500 thousand dollars. To guarantee treatment, it is necessary to have 100 thousand, otherwise the clinic even refuses minimal assistance. Now Dima is 5 years old, he has two brothers: Sasha (3 years) and Misha (6 months). The whole family is in Israel and lives in a rented room in the dormitory on the clinic's territory. “We don’t have the opportunity to raise funds on our own, since absolutely everything that is acquired has been sold. And in the arms of three small children. I've heard a lot of good things about your foundation. I know that you have helped many children in difficult situations. I ask you to help my child too!”
News from Dima Semkin
Dima's mother writes: "Doctors continue to fight the postoperative consequences in Dima. As a result...
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