Kostya Belyanskiy

Age: 6

Diagnosis: Alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma of the right shin

Purpose of collection: The collection for treatment at Severance Clinic (Seoul) is now open

In 2020, a disaster knocked at the house of an ordinary family from Khabarovsk. Once active Kostya got sick foot. An orthopedist at a local clinic said it was flat feet, recommended wearing orthopedic insoles and shoes, swimming, running. Soon, the parents noticed that one tibia was larger than the other, went to the doctor, after ultrasound and X-rays, the surgeon ordered warming ointments and compresses. For a long time doctors in Khabarovsk could not make a correct diagnosis. It was not until September 2020 that Kostya was admitted to the oncology ward, where he was treated with painkillers. He had particularly strong pains at night, which did not subside. They were already considering giving him morphine, until his mother insisted that he be treated. His first chemotherapy was also administered there. From October 2020 to May 2021, Kostya underwent treatment at the N.N. Blokhin National Medical Research Center of Oncology in Moscow according to the CWS-2009 protocol (9 courses of chemotherapy, an operation to remove the adductor muscle with the tumor, and 23 sessions of radiation therapy). This is a horror and a nightmare for an adult body, let alone a child! In August of 2021 the tumor recurred on his right leg. Kostya's tumor had progressed and metastasized to his lymph nodes. He underwent counter-cycling chemotherapy in Khabarovsk in September 2021. The leading clinics in Russia refused to let us hospitalize him, and the treatment had no results. It was decided to take the child to a foreign country. The "Sheba" clinic in Israel, where the family wanted to go for so long, eventually turned it down. Korea, too, at first. Everyone motivated by the fact that rhabdomyosarcoma is a very rare tumor, there are very few methods of treatment and most of them have already been tried, moreover, recurrence of rhabdomyosarcoma is very difficult to treat. But we managed to persuade Professor Y to accept Kostya. There was hope to save the boy. In October of 2021 he began receiving treatment at the Severance Clinic in Seoul, South Korea. Every method of treatment was tried, but the disease progressed lightning-fast and had already reached the fourth stage. It has metastasized to his lungs. The last chance to save Kostya is a clinic in Korea and our help. The child has already undergone countless courses of chemotherapy, radiation, anesthesia, examinations, but the fight is not over. We can not let go of the chance for recovery! Over a year of treatment, $200,000 has been spent. Now we need to keep treating the child, but we have no other way to get the money, we have already sold our apartment and all the money has gone for treatment. "We will be in Korea for another year, which means we need $200,000 again. In Korea, they bill in installments, and that's approximate. Last year the first bill was about $85,000. And now the clinic has an approximate bill (it is annexed). We ask for help in collecting for my son's treatment! Save my child!”
News about Kostya Belyansky
His mother writes: "Today we went to the hospital. We had our blood taken, and since the test result...
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